//Prototype Project//

I'm 360'ing my life and documenting it all online. Take what you want from it.

Prototype Project is my attempt to document my ongoing personal development efforts.

To me, personal development entails an attitude and ongoing work to cultivate my own persona through improving my skills, attitudes, beliefs and knowledge towards everything.

In particular, my core areas of interest are interpersonal skills, leadership, fitness and health, spirituality and mental health.

Additionally, I am interested in the acquisition of skills, and I enjoy learning as a pursuit in itself. Over the last few years I have become interested in cooking, languages and martial arts.

To me, there is no 'end goal' with personal development, but the simple process of continuous improvement is the goal in itself. If I were to say, learn to speak Chinese 'fluently', I would still feel the need to learn a new skill in its place... Russian perhaps!

I intend to continue developing this page, and posting new updates of my ongoing endeavors and projects. It is my hope that something from my own experiences can be of use, interest or entertainment  to you!


Get ahead for the next academic year


Transitioning through education smoothly and achieving excellent results is what most parents want for their kids. However, sometimes students need some additional support to feel confident.

Recent Testimonials

"Really enjoyed talking to James - very informative and helped alot."-PJ, Adult learner, Sciences

"Good session, helped me understand the topic with helpful tricks that aided in both my understanding of the subject and my speed in it :)" -JR, GCSE Sciences & Maths

"He provided good help, and provided deep explanations. - LE, A level Biology"

I've been tutoring GCSE, IGCSE, A Level and IB sciences and maths for four years online and in person.

I was part of the Cambridge Hands On Science (CHAOS) group which explains science to the public. As part of a Cambridge education; I was assessed weekly in supervisions (Tutorials) by PhD level experts in my fields of study.This means I'm used to working in small yet rigorous groups (ratios of 1:1/2/3) and so I know what being tutored at the highest level is like! The skills I've developed at Cambridge will help me to tutor you!