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Transitioning through education smoothly and achieving excellent results is what most parents want for their kids. However, sometimes students need some additional support to feel confident.

Recent Testimonials

"Really enjoyed talking to James - very informative and helped alot."-PJ, Adult learner, Sciences

"Good session, helped me understand the topic with helpful tricks that aided in both my understanding of the subject and my speed in it :)" -JR, GCSE Sciences & Maths

"He provided good help, and provided deep explanations. - LE, A level Biology"

I've been tutoring GCSE, IGCSE, A Level and IB sciences and maths for four years online and in person.

I was part of the Cambridge Hands On Science (CHAOS) group which explains science to the public. As part of a Cambridge education; I was assessed weekly in supervisions (Tutorials) by PhD level experts in my fields of study.This means I'm used to working in small yet rigorous groups (ratios of 1:1/2/3) and so I know what being tutored at the highest level is like! The skills I've developed at Cambridge will help me to tutor you!