Learning new material rapidly: 8 steps to learning an idea completely

Learning fast involves asking good questions about what you are learning and how various pieces of information are related.

Steps involved in information processing:
Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Synthesis, Evaluation

When learning try to:
1. Deconstruct 2. chunk 3. collate 4. sequence 5. link 6.  reform the idea 7. explain 8. apply.

Examples of questions to ask:
What is the subject?
What is the topic?
Why is this topic important?

Is the idea fundamental to the topic/subject I am trying to study?

What are notable applications of the topic?
What level do I need to know the material to?
How much time will this take me?
What sort of questions are asked?

1.What are 3-6 key principles/concepts? Can the topic be broken into subtopics?
What are key details for each subtopic?

2. How can I seperate individual information points into ‘chunks’ of related information?

3. Can I collect the parts of this idea together somehow?

4. What order should the material be in?
Does the order suggested by my source make sense? Can I see a more logical order?
Why do I suggest another order?

5. How does this information relate to something I already know?
How do pieces of information within what I am reading relate together?
What do I understand? Can I pinpoint what I don’t understand?

6. How could I explain this idea more simply?
Could I explain this to a 10 year old?
Can I see this idea from another perspective?

7. How does this idea fit in with the bigger picture?
How does the idea associate with other ideas?
Can I think of any metaphors to explain the relationship between this idea and others?

8. Can I successfully answer questions based on the knowledge I now have?


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